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Who manufactures your massage chairs?

Our chairs are made by the California-based company Human Touch, the leading manufacturer of massage chairs in the United States.

What material is used to upholster the massage chairs?

The seat, back, and arms of the chairs are made of durable, attractive SofHyde synthetic leather. No animals were harmed in the making of Restin massage chairs! Some models also incorporate durable, breathable fabric under the headrest and in other strategic locations.

How long do your massage chairs last?

The massage chairs will last a lifetime if used properly, but we offer an easy trade-in program and extended warranty to cover any service issues.

How loud are the massage chairs when in use?

Our massage chairs are very quiet, with the motors producing 40 - 50 decibels of sound. This is roughly equivalent to the average noise level in a library or on a quiet residential street.

How much electricity do the massage chairs use?

All chairs use a normal, 3-prong outlet. When in use, the Active draws 125 watts, the WholeBody draws 140 watts, and the ZeroG draws 200 watts.

How heavy are the massage chairs?

The Active is a super-light 45 pounds; the WholeBody is 108 pounds, and the ZeroG is 160 pounds.

Do all Restin massage chairs provide a Zero G experience?

The ZeroG is the only Restin massage chair that can make you feel like you’re International Space Station Commander Scott Kelly.

I’m pregnant / nursing, can I use a massage chair?

Massage is often a great way for pregnant women and new mothers to alleviate swelling, mitigate aches and pains, and get much-needed rest, but always consult your doctor before using a Restin massage chair.

I am a serious athlete. Which massage chair should I use to recover from workouts and competitions?

Serious athletes will improve post-workout and competition recovery with regular use of all Restin massage chairs, however, the ZeroG will give you the best results. The ZeroG’s extendable legs also make it the preferred choice for taller users. Looking at you, LeBron.

I have specific injuries or medical conditions. Can I still use a massage chair?

Massage is an effective way to recover from certain injuries and medical conditions, but always consult your doctor before using a Restin massage chair.

Do you have a showroom? Where can I try these products?

If you are in the Washington D.C. area, you can visit our office and showroom located in the newly redeveloped Wonderbread Factory building. Just contact us to set up an appointment. Otherwise, take advantage of our 100 day trial offer to test out any massage chair you're interested in.

Don’t I need to try these products before buying them?

Our excellent return and exchange policy makes it easy for you to try out a chair in the comfort of your home. Unhappy with the chair? Return it for a refund. Want to trade in for a different model? We do that too.

Why do you only offer three models of massage chairs?

Other retailers offer dozens of different makes and models. But this only serves to confuse customers and disguise their misleading pricing strategies. The three models we offer provide the full range of options available in a modern robotic massage chair at fair and accessible price points. Also, each model comes in several different styles which fit well in any setting.

Do you offer discounts?

We don't believe in gimmicks and misleading pricing. Our chairs are always listed at the best possible price.

Do I pay for shipping?

We do charge for white glove delivery but we offer free standard delivery on all orders over $500. Just use the code SHIPFREE at checkout.

Do you ship outside of the USA?

Typically we can only ship to the continental United States. If you are located in Hawaii, Alaska, or Canada please contacts us to discuss shipping options.

When can I expect to receive my order?

Once you’ve submitted your order, we’ll process it as soon as humanly possible. For most delivery locations you can expect your chair to arrive within 5 to 7 business days.

Do I need to be at home when it is delivered?

For White Glove delivery an adult over 18 will need to be present to receive the delivery.

Is there any assembly required?

Setting up your chair is easy. Simply unpack the box, unfold the chair, attach the cushions, plug it in, and you’re ready to go. No tools necessary.

Can I set up and move a massage chair from Restin by myself?

You can assemble the chair by yourself, but we recommend having two people to move it.

If something breaks, how do I request service?

If you ever have an issue with your massage chair, contact us and we’ll make sure it’s back working in no time.

How do I clean my massage chair?

The leather surfaces of our chairs wipe clean with a damp cloth, and a good 'ole vacuum cleaner is great for cleaning debris from between the cushions.

I want a different color/model. Does Restin accept exchanges?

Yes. If an exchange is requested within 100 days of receiving your chair, the full purchase price can be put towards a new purchase. If after 100 days, the credit amount of the exchanged massage chair will be determined after an inspection for damage.